Olympus Pugmill Systems Leading the Way

Olympus pugmill systems are ruggedly constructed to perform dependably in harsh environments and mindfully engineered to reduce complexity. Integrated hopper bins, belt scale, and Danfoss controls provide precise dosing for mix design precision. Top-tier OEM components are reliable and readily sourced for improved field serviceability. 

Olympus continuous pugmill mixers use a twin-shaft design for continuous material mixing along the flight path. Mixing is done by twin horizontal shafts attached to mixing arms with paddle ends, which mix and move materials continuously. An electric motor drives the mixer, ensuring a steady flow of uniform mix from the discharge end. First, a bucket loader loads materials such as aggregates, sand, soil, and clay into cold feed bins. Based on the recipe, the operator sets the gate openings and belt speeds, which are electronically controlled from the control panel. Materials are conveyed on the collecting belt to the pugmill mixer. Liquids such as water and emulsions can be added and metered for precise dosing. Cement, lime, fly ash, and lightweight dry materials are added by connecting a vein feeder to a port atop the pugmill. The operator can adjust and monitor to control the mix designs.

Built by Pros for Professionals

For over 25 years, we’ve been selling heavy construction equipment and supporting customers across the United States and overseas. The Olympus pugmill manufacturing and engineering teams bring three generations of equipment manufacturing experience, providing the highest level of expertise. Olympus’ sales team and equipment engineers help ensure that your continuous pugmill mixer is customized with the necessary equipment. 

Affordable – Quick Delivery

Olympus pugmill systems are reasonably priced, delivering exceptional value at a price that won’t break your bank account. Olympus provides one of the quickest delivery times in the industry, along with a top-quality build, a host of standard equipment, and the optional equipment you need to customize your pugmill to fit your needs.

Dependable Performance – Quality Construction

Olympus industrial pugmills are built to be rugged and dependable, day after day. Our engineers are always focused on next-generation innovations, but their tried-and-true formula provides in-the-field reliability for each pugmill system. Olympus continuous pugmill mixers arebuilt with A-36, 1/4″ steel, replaceable Hardox liner, wear-resistant and reversible chromium mixing paddles, attached to twin steel shafts, coupled to a high-torque electric motor. Danfoss controls are dependable and easy to use. Top-tier OEM partners include Danfoss controls, SEW drives, ABB electronics, Marathon motors, Viking pumps, Dodge reducers, Vibco vibrators, Rice Lake scales, Isomag meters, and Autec remote controls. Olympus industrial pugmills offer a reliable and effective way of mixing aggregates and soils for various construction applications. 

Fully Customizable Pugmill Options

Standard features include an 8′ mixing box with replaceable Hardox liners, reversible chromium paddles, pugmill limit switches, centralized and numbered grease points, high-quality hydraulic grease hoses, cement feed port, belt scraper, Danfoss controls, heavy-duty fenders, linear actuated bin gate controls, variable speed belts, ABS brakes, E-stops, belt guards, and more. Each pugmill system is fully customizable. 

Custom options include a 10′ mixing box, water pump, asphalt pump, metering system, ticket printer, backstops on gear-boxes, portability package, vulcanized belts, snub pulley, Rap-drive, self-cleaning tail pulley, impact rollers, bin level indicators, onboard generator, mimic panel, remote controls and more.

Our sales engineers can help you customize your pugmill plant to meet your needs. Let’s review your requirements: production requirements, mix designs, number of recipes, number of materials being mixed, material densities, liquid additive and metering needs, whether cement or fly ash is required in your mixes, frequency of moving the pugmill system, layout of your job site (s), elevations for loading and discharge, how you’ll be loading the bins, is there a need for a grizzly, stickiness of materials, what is the environment in which your plant will operate. Our sales engineers will help ensure your bins, belts, and motors are appropriately sized for your needs.

Optional Equipment

  • Stationary or portable
  • 8′ or 10′ pugmill mixing chamber
  • Pugmill cleanout doors
  • 1, 2, or 3 cold feed bins
  • Custom bin dimensions (L, W, H)
  • Motors sized to output requirements
  • Belts sized to output requirements
  • Replaceable bin liners
  • Low entry bins
  • Bin extensions, fold up/down
  • Grizzley bin screen(s) manual or hydraulic operation
  • Split bins with split gate
  • Bin vibrators and orientation
  • Bin ladders and orientation
  • Bin level indicators
  • Belt scraper primary
  • Belt scraper return
  • Belt scale
  • Load cells
  • Incline belt snub roller
  • Incline belt raptor roller
  • Discharge conveyor: fixed, manual fold, hydraulic fold
  • 3-phase electric receptacles
  • Onboard electrical powerplant
  • Onboard hydraulic powerplant
  • Genset mimic panel at the operator station
  • Tethered operator controls, custom length conduit
  • Asphalt pump with cleanout, filter basket
  • Coriolis flow meter
  • Water pump
  • Water meter
  • Air compressor
  • Diesel tank 60gal
  • and more…

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    Applications and Testimonials

    Olympus HERCULES Portable Pugmill Plant

    Customer: Gorman Brothers – New York
    Application: Cold Mix Asphalt production

    The Ultimate Portable Pugmill Mixing System
    Olympus HERCULES is our most versatile pugmill system, loaded with options, easy to operate, and fully portable. Whether you need to mix soils, aggregate, asphalt, or concrete, the Olympus Hercules can do it all.

    Why Choose the Olympus Hercules?

    Versatility: Olympus Hercules features two 13′ long split bins with vibrators, allowing for 4 product mix designs, along with asphalt and water pump. Four independently operated hydraulic grizzlies rise and lower. Each of the four bin gates is controlled from the operator panel, where the PLC computer allows the operator to monitor and control the mix design.
    Portability: The Hercules is designed to be easily transported and quickly set up. It features hydraulic legs on the fifth wheel and an air-ride suspension with ABS brakes.
    Performance: Hercules delivers a high-quality, homogeneous mix thanks to its elongated 10′ Pugmill mixing box with 84 reversible paddles. The Hardox liner is durable and replaceable, and paddles can be reversed.
    Power: The onboard generator features a 200-gallon diesel tank that provides 24-hour run time at full load. A supplemental 60-gallon diesel tank is provided for extra peace of mind.
    Precision: Hercules provides accurate mix proportioning, thanks to precise meters and a Rice Lake belt scale integrated with the Danfoss computer. The controls are intuitive and easy to operate, allowing you to store mix designs and adjust settings as needed. Operate manually or go fully automatic.
    Asphalt and water mixtures: The Hercules includes an asphalt pump with a flush system, filter basket, and integrated Coriolis meter, as well as a water pump and flow meter, each with dual side hookups and Camlock hoses.
    Convenience: An onboard air compressor can be used to dust off stone and loose debris before hitting the road, add air to tires, or supplement the airbag system. The hydraulic scorpion discharge conveyor sets up and folds down in just 15 minutes with two men.
    Safety: The Olympus Hercules has safety limit switches, E-stops, safety guards, and placards.

    OLYMPUS mini-Hercules, Portable Pugmill Plant, our most compact portable pugmill mixer

    Customer: QPR Quality Pavement Repair
    Application: Cold mix Asphalt Production. QPR Australia utilizes their Olympus mini-Hercules pugmill to produce high-performance QPR cold patch sold in New Zealand and Australia.

    Why Choose the mini-Hercules pugmill? The mini-Hercules pugmill is Olympus’ most compact portable pugmill plant, fully self-sufficient and designed to mix and produce a wide variety of products at up to 100 TPH (nominal). It has onboard power and hydraulic controls, and at just 11,000 lbs, the mini-Herc can be pulled with your 3/4 ton pickup truck!
    Self-Sufficient: An onboard hydraulically powered system is in the works for 2024, making the mini-HERC a fully self-contained portable pugmill system. Current systems are set up with hookups to a 3-phase power supply for those who prefer to plug into their own generator.
    Product Versatility: Don’t let the small size fool you. Mini-Hercules include a cement port, belt scraper, belt scale, and fully integrated Danfoss controls for precise mix dosing. Add an optional vibrator. Add a removable split bin with a split gate, asphalt pump, water pump, and meter to blend up to four products with a liquid additive.
    Compact Design: Mini-Hercules is small, compact, and easily towed by a 3/4 ton + pickup.
    Low Profile, High Capacity: The Mini-Herc features a low loading height of 7.5 at 4CY. Bin extensions can be raised, increasing the bin capacity to 7.3CY.
    Product Mixtures: Mini-Herc is not limited by its size and can produce a variety of high-quality homogeneous product mixtures, just like its bigger brothers, such as roller compacted concrete (RCC), cement treated base (CTB), soil cement, cold mix asphalt (CMA), sand and salt mixtures, aggregate and soil mixtures. Up to 80 TPH output, 7.3 CY bin capacity when using bin extensions, or 4 CY with extensions lowered. Bin dimensions are 9.5′ long x 5′ wide, with an overall length of only 19.5′. The mini Herc sits on a two-axle trailer with electric brakes and an adjustable pintle ring. It includes a multi-position screw jack landing legs, a pugmill with a replaceable Hardox liner, reversible chromium paddle tips, twin shafts, a 20hp motor, and a Danfoss control panel.
    Options: include 440-volt hookups, bin vibrator, split bin with split gate, water pump, water meter, asphalt pump, and Coriolis meter.

    Olympus 3 Bin 200 TPH Portable Pugmill Plant

    Customer: New Jersey Site and Utility
    Application: Cement Treated Based with lime

    Joe Sanzaro – owner: “From the beginning, everything has been great. We ran 35,000 tons for the first job, got it over to the next job here, where we just did 35,000 tons, and we’re ready to do about 80,000 tons. It’s simple; there’s nothing much to it; just put the dirt in it and go! Everything has been great.”

    Olympus 3 bin systems are designed to facilitate mixing multiple materials. Site development contractors, such as NJ Site & Utility, add lime to the soil to enhance soil stability characteristics. The final product mixture undergoes inspection by a soil engineer before being used on building sites.

    Olympus 2 Bin, 300 TPH Portable Pugmill Plant

    Customer: Sustainable Pavement Technologies
    Application: Shingle asphalt mixture for road construction

    The Olympus portable, 2-bin pugmill system built for Sustainable Pavement of Texas includes an asphalt pump, belt scale, hydraulically folding scorpion discharge conveyor, and onboard electric generator. The pugmill blends Sustainable’s mixture of reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) with recycled asphalt shingles (RAS) and liquid emulsion additive. Sustainable Pavement of Texas is a green technology firm specializing in asphalt shingle recycling with several locations in Texas.

    OLYMPUS 2 Bin 200 TPH Portable Pugmill Plant

    Customer: Jennings County, Indiana
    Application: Asphalt production, cold mix used for road paving

    Jim Reeves – Highway Superintendent: “Maintenance real low, belts still in good shape, all around a good machine. I’ve got it set where it’s running 260 TPH. Saving tons of money. Before, we’d been buying our cold mix for $120/ton, and we could make it for $42 with labor, wear and tear, and everything figured in. Just grease it every time we run it, every tanker, very simple to run. It’s five years old, and it’s still running real good.”

    Since 2015, Jennings County, Indiana, has been using its Olympus pugmill to blend 1/2″ minus aggregate, 3% sand, and 5.5% AE-300 to produce cold mix asphalt, which is stockpiled and installed on approximately 90 miles of rural roadways each year. County superintendent Jim Reeves reports that they’ve saved several million dollars in their first five years by making their own cold-in-place asphalt mix using their own Olympus pugmill.

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