Olympus Cold Feed Bins: Maximizing Productivity

Olympus cold feed bin systems are ruggedly built to perform dependably in harsh environments. Our 1-4 bin systems are trailer mounted with ABS and air brakes, for a safe haul between jobsites. Troughed belts and idlers provide exceptional material containment. Our vulcanized belts provide greater strength, reduced carry back, and increased longevity. Intuitive Danfoss controls are easy to operate. Bin-gate openings and belt speeds are electronically controlled from the operator station. Material density input allows for accurate mix designs. The heavy-duty hopper bins are made of 1/4″ steel and properly pitched to ensure good material flow to the belt. Belt skirts are extra thick and well supported, for improved material retention. Removeable safety guards protect operators from nip points.

Customizable options: Each customer’s application is different. Our sales engineer will help customize your CFBs and surge bins to meet your requirements. For heavy, dense materials such as RCC and rock, we use high-impact rollers, high CEMA rated idlers, extra thick conveyor belts and heavier belt skirts for maximum wear resistance. Backstops are added to our gearboxes for longer and steeper pitched conveyors, preventing the belts from rolling backward when at idle. Roller guides and trainers help maintain proper belt alignment. The addition of a snub pulley increases belt friction and torque. For harsh environments with heavy loads, Olympus recommends our wrap-drive, which maximizes belt-to-roller contact and torque. Mine grade bearings and pulleys add strength and rigidity, decreasing down time. A discharge conveyor is available.

Built by Pros for Experts, Olympus’ production teams bring you three generations of manufacturing expertise. Olympus CFBs are designed by a top team of professional engineers and constructed by 30+ skilled craftsmen, welders, and electricians, who take great pride in their workmanship, building exceptional machines. We take your feedback seriously, make incremental improvements and constantly improving our bin systems.

Reliable, field-serviceable, easy to operate

Reliable: Olympus Cold Feed Bin Systems are ruggedly designed to handle material conveyance applications across many industries. Engineering designed the Olympus CFB to withstand the harsh conditions of mining quarries and remote job sites over bumpy roads. Olympus incorporates reinforced I-beams, heavy steel gussets, quality hardware, high-quality welds, and properly fastened hardware. Customers include Phillips & Jordan Inc. (Florida dam projects), Velox Industries (oil well, fracking projects), and Quikrete Companies.

Field serviceable: Olympus cold feed bin systems are built without complexity, for ease of use. Our OEM partners are top-tier, reliable and readily sourced for improved field serviceability. Belt adjusters are positioned for easy access. Safety guards can be quickly removed and reinstalled. Belt trainers help prevent belt misalignment. A bolt tensioning wrench is bolted on deck, for operator convenience. Greasing points are centralized and labeled, with high quality hydraulic hoses used for greasing.

Easy to Operate: Olympus bin systems utilize Danfoss controls that are intuitive, user-friendly, and easy to operate. Nothing’s worse than a complicated PLC that no one understands or knows how to use. Olympus uses tactile control knobs and buttons that are large enough to be operated with gloves. Production and dosing controls are easy to navigate on the Danfoss controller. Support personnel will walk you through it, and a video is available to guide you.

Cold Feed Bin Features

Olympus Cold Feed Bins incorporate standard features that improve material handling performance and operating efficiency. Troughed belting provides better material movement, less friction, and significantly reduced wear and tear on your belts. Olympus belts are vulcanized and seamless, reducing material stick-to-itiveness, improving scraper performance, reducing the buildup of sticky material on return rollers, and reducing material fall-off from the bottom side of the return belts. Steel plate fenders provide excellent tire protection. Danfoss controls are dependable and easy to use. Trailers include LED lighting and conspicuity tape, meet DOT requirements and the higher standards of the National Association of Trailer Mfgs. Safety placards, E-stops, and belt feeder guards are well positioned.

Optional Equipment

Olympus Cold Feed Bin Systems are not one-size-fits-all. We understand that every project and customer has different needs and preferences. That’s why we offer various design options and features to customize your cold feed bin system to your specifications. We’ll help you select options that best suits your requirements.

Here are some of the options you can choose from:

  • Choose the number of bins 1, 2, 3, 4, +
  • Stationary or portable
  • Custom bin dimensions (L, W, H)
  • Motors sized to requirements
  • Belts sized to requirements
  • Bin extensions 
  • Grizzly screen: hydraulic or manual lift
  • Split bins, split gates
  • Bin vibrators, horizontal or vertical orientation
  • Belt scraper primary
  • Belt scraper return
  • Self cleaning tail pulley
  • Air cannons
  • CEMA B-F idlers
  • Roller options (high-impact, low carry-back)
  • Belt scale
  • Fixed or folding discharge conveyor
  • Manual fold or hydraulic fold
  • Belt trainers
  • Snub pulley
  • S-Drive pulley system
  • Bin level indicators
  • Generator onboard
  • Mimic panel for genset

Olympus CFBs and Surge Bins Are Used For Many Applications

Olympus cold feed bins are used in various applications and industries. Applications for Olympus CFBs include the storage and conveyance of sand; sludge mixtures within the oil and gas industry; the conveyance of asphalt millings and aggregates for the asphalt manufacturing and recycling industry in the production of hot asphalt and cold mix asphalts; conveying soil cement, received from Rapid Mix cement plants and conveyed by Olympus to a steady stream of trucks; storing sand and various size aggregates for producing multiple mix designs, for the mining, fracking, asphalt, and construction industries; conveying native soils and materials such as lime, or fly ash, for mixing in an Olympus pugmill, for soil stabilization; conveying auto fluff to an Olympus pugmill which is also receiving liquid waste, and mixing the products to stiffen the sludge so it’s suitable for the landfill; etc.

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    Applications and Testimonials

    Olympus Surge Bin System

    Customer: Phillips & Jordan Inc.
    Application: Soil Cement Conveyance

    Grayson Ray, project manager: “We’re using an Olympus surge bin hopper system at each batch plant location. With Olympus Pugmills, we were able to buy two relatively cheaply; no crane was involved. It’s actually putting out material 3-4 minutes faster than our belly dump.”

    Olympus SurgeMAX portable surge hoppers are designed to reduce haul-truck cycle times by maximizing delivery system productivity. Multiple bin sizes and capacities are available. The surge hopper can accept full loads of materials such as soil cement, roller-compacted concrete, cement-treated base, rock, sand, and dirt and quickly convey them to your trucks.

    SurgeMAX is used on Florida’s C47 reservoir project to receive RCC from two Rapid Mix cement plants (700,000CY overall) and convey the soil cement to haul trucks.

    Olympus 3 Bin Cold Feed Bin System

    Customer: Phillips & Jordan Inc.
    Application: Aggregate Conveyance

    Grayson Ray – project manager: “Our 2 Olympus cold feed bins have been very reliable. They’re a key component of our dam project here in Florida”.

    Phillips & Jordan employs 2 Olympus 3-bin cold feed bins to handle and convey base rock and #57 stone, producing 1000CYs/ night of roller compacted concrete and 2000CYs/night of soil cement on Florida’s first vertical RCC gravity dam. Olympus cold feed bins are a critical part of the process, feeding the soil mixture to the cement plant. Grayson Ray, the project GM, noted that his crew appreciates that controls are easy to use and the Olympus CFBs are simple to maintain.

    Olympus 4 Bin Cold Feed Bin System

    Customer: Prometheus Oil and Gas
    Application: Sand Convenance

    “The team at Olympus has been responsive to our service and support needs. Engineering has gone above and beyond to help us with our unique equipment requirements.”

    Prometheus Oil and Gas utilizes multiple Olympus 4-bin cold feed bins and an Olympus materials transfer conveyor as part of their unique material handling system, which targets the gas and oil industry. Their Olympus conveyors and CFB systems are designed specifically for their application, conveying sand and other materials at greater efficiency and reduced cost compared with other currently available methods.

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